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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Cocl� Jungle Cultures
Celebrating Our 27th Anniversary  1988-2015

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If you have ever wanted to see how the people in the jungles live, The Panama Jungle team is ready to show you the experience.  Our tour starts in Penonome. We have options of taking a private bus, for large groups, or by way of our private vehicles.  Bring your camera for  professional image creation insight.  Over 30 years of professional commercial photography experience will help your images be right on.

By foot or by horse this is a tour of roughing it.  

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Mountain Expert

  The Only Way To Know Is To Go
The tour starts with a 1 hour drive to the mountain the real tour begins.  We start on the river walk.  During this time the provisions for lunch will be carried by horse to the estate for preparation. You will see the coffee groves and royal palms.  The waterfall is an option that some may want to venture.  The second part is the mountain climb to the family estate.  On the mountain climb we will pass the toucan pass.  The Toucans have their own schedule and on lucky days we see them in the wild.  Once at the estate, lunch is served. 
The Cucua Dancers are an option to the estate experience.  At the estate we will show you the way of life of a jungle family.  The estate has a high point with the view of the mountain valley region that includes the town of San Miguel in the distance.  The third segment of the tour is the walk and visit to the town of San Miguel.  We will show you the school, church, coop and visit with all the town people.  The road arrived to San Miguel in April of this year.  The only changes, for over a thousand years, that had happened in town was the construction of the church and the school as well as the public phone that arrived in 1997.  The school was founded in 1923 and the founders granddaughter will give us a personal tour of the school in English.  The vehicles will be waiting for us in San Miguel with beverages and a snack.  The drive back down the mountain will take 60 to 90 minutes to arrive back in Penonome.
Travel by foot can be slippery.  The use of a walking stick is important, if you have not purchased one from Amazon.Com then we will cut you one from the jungle. 
Items you will want to bring:
1. Good walking shoes, boots with support are better.
2. We wear shorts, long pants can be hot.
3. Any allergy medications you may take.
4. Your favorite bug repellant.
5. Neck strap for cameras.
6. Lightweight camera bag and plastic bag protection for your electronic gear.  Rainy season is April through the end of December.

The Cocl� horses are not the Scandinavian type so they are not large horses.  The top weight person is 240lb.  It is rule of thumb that if one person takes the horse option then all take the horse option.  The horse will be with your for the entire tour from were the vehicle is parked.

This tour is not for young children nor for the elderly.  The mountain terrain is not a level surface and not what most tourist are used to.  A good night sleep before the tour is a good idea.  Drinking on the trail is prohibited.  If you choose the overnight stay option then cocktails will be available for happy hour and evening libation. 

The Panama Jungle is ready to entertain you.  Professional photography instruction is part of the tour.  Tour guide Blake is a 30 year professional photographer, he will assist you in taking photo and video.

The Panama  Jungle One Day Tour

group size


per person

1 person One vehicle tour with lunch and beverages - walking tour $250
2 - 4 One vehicle tour with lunch and beverages - walking tour $200
5 - 8 Two vehicle tour with lunch and beverages - walking tour $160
9-12 Three vehicle tour with lunch and beverages - walking tour $140
Additional Experiences
1 The Cucua Dancers - One Hour Of Entertainment with photo session.       full group with musicians $400
1 The Cucua Dancers - One Hour Of Entertainment with photo session.       half group with musicians $300
    per person
1 Personal Horse with guide per day $50
1 overnight stay with dinner, breakfast and lunch at the estate - extensive touring of water works and agriculture.  Room at the estate with bedding included. $200
1 The Tamale Experience - Be there for the wrapping and boiling of the tamales.  Each person will have 3 tamales to take home. $20
per person

Feel The Power Of The Panama Jungle

A walk to the next town where the road has not arrived yet.  Overnight stay with food water and horse accompaniment for provisions and incidentals.  The walk is a 3 - 4 hour walk, all the elements apply with the possibility of thunderstorms and very muddy conditions, a true EXTREME tour of The Panama Jungle.

A $60 per person deposit is required for tour booking
Final payment due at the beginning of the tour

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The Cucua Experience   Over Night Experience

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The old days of river crossing by foot - the new bridge keeps your feet dry.

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