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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Cocl� Jungle Cultures
Celebrating Our 27th Anniversary  1988-2015

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San Miguel Cocle    
At the top of the Panama continental divide.
A town that saw its first car less than 15 years ago.



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Traditional Palm Fruit Prep


Close Up of the Town Church

I was in San Miguel on a Sunday in 1989 when a group of teenagers came over to our group to say hi.  They had left home at 8 that morning to walk far enough to see a car.  They were on their way home at the time.  It was dusk  and they still had over 2 more hours to walk  to arrive back where they started so they did not stay long to talk.


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Town Activist

  San Miguel - A Town Four Steps Out Of Pre Columbian

The last towns where the road has not reached are becoming fewer every day.  To arrive in San Miguel, the travel brings you from the Pacific side of the Isthmus to the Atlantic side.  The roads are already arriving from other directions in which will change the culture in revolutionary fashion. 

San Miguel has had 4 changes in
the last 1,000 years.

1.   The Catholic Church:

This church was built around 40 years ago.  Before that the church was a wood building.

2.   The School 1927

The thought of education in San Miguel was started by Candelario Ovalle.  As a person with no formal education, he took it upon himself to learn the fundamentals of education.  He started by building a pavilion, on his land, and inviting all who wanted to learn.  The school is now publicly funded with complete secondary education, computer labs and college counseling.  Solar power is used to energize the electricity needs.  

3.   The Telephone 1995

All towns in the remote areas of Panama had solar powered telephones installed in 1995.  The was made possible with the national phone contract award being granted to The Cable and Wireless Company of Britain.

4.   The Road 2001

The bridge may be the newest thing in town but the road come in 12 years before.  The river is passable by the new 4 wheel drive busses so all the modern amenities arrived at that time.  The new bridge is a milestone but not to the magnitude of the road itself.

The San Miguel Bridge is over 30 miles past the town of Tambo.  It is the only modern cement bridge past the end of the asphalt ending at Tambo,


Downtown San Miguel at 7am


Emergency radio services were installed within all the remote schools and churches of Panama in 1977 and 1978.  The company of Helicoptros S.A. headed by John Daily did the installations.  Mr. Daily and his crew of sons, Steven and John Jr., with help from the officers of FAP Coronel Lorenzo Persel and Coronel Oliver Persel made these radio installations possible to the remote areas of Panama under the direction of Omar Torrijos.  The official estate representation of  Panama Air Force Major John Daily is that of the directorate of The Panama Jungle.  His association with The Panama Jungle team is a source of pride that will never end. Panama Air Force Major John Daily was a Native of Indianapolis, Indiana where he was born in 1928. He was a veteran of the United States Air Force in World War II where he was stationed at Rodman Naval Station and  various post in Germany. He was employed by Panama Canal Company as an electronics technician. John served as the personal pilot of President Romero of El Salvador. He was a Major of the Air Force in the Republic Of Panama and was one of only two Panamanians to have ever been promoted to the rank of Command ante of the Panamanian Military, Dr. Hugo Espadafora being the other. During Johns service to Panama he fought in the Nicaraguan Civil War and was pilot to President Ortega of Nicaragua. John was most proud to have served with and as pilot to General Omar Torrijos of Panama. John was a member of the American Legion and a 32 degree Mason.    



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