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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Coclé Jungle Cultures
Celebrating Our 27th Anniversary  1988-2015

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  You never know what you are going to see at the river.  For three months out of the year the river is tame.  This is because of the dry season that keeps the tropics rain free.  Once rainy season starts the river is ready to be normal or 15 foot above crest in an hour.  The local favorite is river shrimp.  These crayfish can grow up to 16 inches long and the flavor is beyond clean and delicious.  
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San Miguel River Expert

Make The River Your Servant

The San Miguel River is a major river in the Coclé Mountains of
the Continental Divide.  A favorite river activity is crawdad catching.  The crawdad trap is made of Bejuco which is a type of local wood.  Just like any trap, the bait is placed inside and placed in the river.  The interesting part of this trap is
there is no trap door.  The crawfish inters the trap but cannot get back out due to the bejuco pointing to the inside of the trap.  These are extreme crawfish. The big ones reach 16 inches long.

Straining the river is a multi person task.  So many variables have to be considered, the correct height of the river, expectation of rain etc.  The task is conducted by 3 or more people just to get the net set in the river.  Nets are hard to come by so risking the net is not an option.  The river fish average 2lb and are the Panama version of trout.  Other types of river fish are Oscars and River Sharks.  The largest recorded river net outing was 23 Trout.

The ecology of the river basin is used for many different specialties.  The coffee plantation just off the banks of the river and has been for hundreds of years. 

Jose Crossing the San Miguel River

The San Miguel River

The Waterfall sits just off the river.  The trail to the waterfall is 30 feet above the river.  This is a 1000 foot of trail that just past the estate climb from the river basin.  The steep angle and narrow passage are the most treacherous on the estate.  The approximate height of the waterfall is 28 feet.  The southing sounds of the water dropping combined with the deep jungle sounds is an experience like no other.  Every group holds a silence for many minutes just to soak in something that you don't see everyday.

150 feet of elevation above the
waterfall is the creek bed where cloths are washed at the estate


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