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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Cocl� Jungle Cultures
Celebrating Our 27th Anniversary  1988-2015

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Central and South American cultures have a common food that has been made for centuries.  Each culture has its own blend and flavor of ingredients as well as the covering.  The Cocl� Tamale is traditionally covered in Plantain leaves.  The process starts with corn, chicken and supporting items



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Master Chef

Culinary Delights of The Panama Jungle
The food and water in the Panama Jungle is far more scrutinized
than going to the grocery store.  The cleanliness of everything involved is always fresh and clean.  Alka Selzer is not always readily available so pots, pans, utensils and dishes are washed after use and again
before use.  There is
no refrigeration so perishable items are opened and used within the same cooking session.  Most cooking is done for 10  people or more so large pots are used.  Because chicken is the most available meat the specialty dishes are -- yes chicken.  The sauces are excellent due to the fresh vegetables and local spices, the special dishes are actual culinary delights.  The type of pot being used is known as a paila.  Jose has been the lead chef in many Cocl� resorts including the Marriot and Sheraton Hotels.


The preparation of cooking begins with cutting the wood to
burn under the paila.  This type of wood cooking is known as le�a.  This is a multi week chore that is shared by the men and women alike. Here the cooking is taking place outside.  On hot days the large cooking is best done where not to heat
up the kitchen to a unbearable temperature.  Nance is the choice of wood to use as le�a.  The wood ads a nice even smoke flavor the food being cooked


Jose Cooking Video Coming in 2015


The water supply comes from an underground spring that is
100 yards from the estate.  A system of pvc pipes run throw out the estate to bring water to all the homes, showers and sinks.  The water reserve tank sits above all of the estate homes except for one.  The home that is higher than the tank uses a system of graduated tubes to keep the water pressure up for a good strong delivery.  All faucets have a white straining cloth attached for filtration.


Look closely to see the water delivery pvc line in the trees

Romi operates the corn grinder in preparation for Tamales.

Fresh Crawfish from the San Miguel River.

The Pilon is used to remove the husk from corn, rice and many other foods. 
Pilon Operation Video Coming With Jose's Cooking Video In July.



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