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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Cocl� Jungle Cultures
Celebrating Our 27th Anniversary  1988-2015

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Meet Poti, his life in the mountains is very similar to the outside world.  School is every day and homework is expected to be completed on a daily basis.  The major difference is very little TV, no McDonald's, the house has a dirt floor, the way to school is a jungle trail and if homework goes past dark, a kerosene lantern is necessary to see.



bed & bath
insect & snake aids
back packs
navigation aids
power & light
seating & tables
food & drink
cooking &
hunting & fishing
recreation & communication
photo & video
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 sling shot
knifes &
first aid













6th Grader

 Growing Up in The Panama Jungle

The San Miguel school system is now a full secondary education system with continuing education counseling.  This all came into

effect in 2009.  Kids like Poti have the advantage of a complete education where as his older brothers and sisters could not.  We have followed Poti's life since birth.  We now will be documenting the next 5 years of his education and then his life as an adult.   Poti is now 13 years old and working hard to get his math and science grades.   Poti is much smaller that the other kids his age.  Being small is no problem for Poti, he has the drive to win, he just needs to study more.

Being small is no problem for Poti, he has the drive to win, he just needs to study more.

Poti Video Coming in 2015

Poti at age 3, 2003

Poti's cousins on their way to school


Live Webcams Coming When Funding Becomes Available

After school Poti goes to the Yucca fields to harvest dinner.

A Photo Study of Poti, His Bothers, Sisters and Cousins

Cousin Jari

Sister Kathi


Cousin Gabby
Cousin Angel
Brother Fabian

Cousin Louis

Brother Nene

Cousin Dicky


Poti and Sister Kathi play on their way the fields


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